VMware Certification Marks Calculations

The passing score for VMware certification exam is 300 out of 500. This score is calculated based on scaling method. That is for each question VMware predefine points for correct answer. For example, question 1= 10 points, question 2 = 1 point, question 3 = 2 point etc. You need at least select 60% correct answers to pass the exam.
Scaled scores are calculated by using a mathematical formula which considers a variety of metrics to give score. For same examination there will be different version of questions. Scaled score provides a fair score for everyone based on the version of exam taken.
How can there be exams with 25, 50,60, 135 questions and all have the same passing scores? Irrespective of number of questions in the exam all have the same scaled passing scores. For that passing score is determined by a mathematical model. Then a table is prepared where 0 points = 100, the passing score = 300 and all the points available = 500.
Let me explain you with above example. There are total 20 points available in the exam.
If student doesn’t answer single correct answer, then he will get 0 points means his score is 100.
If student select some correct answers obtain 16 points, then his score is 300 points. Which is determined as the passing score.
If student select all correct answers obtain 20 points, then his score is 500 points.
1. One more example to clarify your query. If a student secured 278 marks, he is considered as failed in exam because passing score is 300. Student just short of 22 marks. There is no indication that 22 marks = one questions. Student might missed to select correct answer for 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 questions.
2. Student 1 and 2, appeared for same exam they get different version of questions even though they got same score 18 points, marks will Student 1 = 400 marks and student 2 = 390 marks.
Here in this scoring pattern we don’t know which question carries how many points, so students are encouraged to prepare well and take exam.