VMware provides FREE labs for students for unlimited practice.

VMware provides FREE labs for students for unlimited practice. You can make use of this self-paced lab sessions for practicing various VMware products like vSphere, NSX, vSAN, vROPS, even you can practice VMware cloud on AWS. What you need to have? just registered user account. You can create user account on a fly. Afterwards login to the HOL (hands on lab) portal as given below. You can have to complete lab within the duration, some time it gives option to extend the duration if you are still using the session. After your session console VM will be deleted so all your work will be lost. However you can start the lab again, it will create a new console VM for you. By this way you can do labs as many times as you want.
Provide your user name and password to login to hol portal
In this screen you can search and select your preferred lab.
Click on Enroll to begin the lab
Go through the lab details for duration and then click on start this lab.
Left side you can see console and right side you can see lab overview with step by step instructions what to do in this lab.
This is the final screen you see to start the lab.
All user credentials detail you can see in readme.txt file on desktop. You can maximize the console screen; lab overview can be dragged to separate screen. You can restart console VM if required.