RVtools for collecting VMs inventory

Rvtools is the very good tool to get complete information about hosts and VMs running on them.
You can connect to vcenter server by providing IP address and credentials to  login.

This is the best tool for collecting VM inventory beyond basic info like cpu, memory, harddisks, networks, C drive, some configuration settings. It is advised to schedule task to send rvtools data every weekly through email.
This is the script you can copy it in bat file and schedule task to send email with attachment.

rem =====================================
rem Include robware/rvtools in searchpath
rem =====================================
set path=%path%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Robware\RVTools 3.9.5
rem =========================
rem Set environment variables
rem =========================
set $VCServer= give vc ip
set $AttachmentDir=path where to save file
set $AttachmentFile=filename.xls
rem ===================
rem Start RVTools batch
rem ===================
rvtools.exe -passthroughAuth -s %$VCServer% -c ExportAll2xls -d %$AttachmentDir% -f %$AttachmentFile%
In the schedule task you add start a program – add script here
Send an email – give all recipient email ids
Don’t forget you need to open SMTP rely to send emails

Rvtools data looks like this

You can download rvtools from this link