2V0-602 vSphere Foundation Exam Sample Questions

1.Which two options does VM Monitoring use to determine if a virtual machine should be reset?(Choose two)
  • (A) Network activity from the virtual machine
  • (B)I/O activity from the virtual machine
  • (C)CPU activity from the virtual machine
  • (D)Heaartbeats from VMware Tools
2.Which the options are available when applying a Customization Specification to an existing virtual machine?(Choose three)
  • (A)Modify a specification
  • (B)Select an existing specification
  • (C)Import a specification
  • (D)Create a specification from an existing specification
  • (E)create a specification
3.What are two requirements needed to enable a 4vCPU virtual machine with Fault Tolerance?(choose two)
  • (A)vSphere Standard license
  • (B)10 GbE uplink for FT logging network
  • (C)vSphere Enterprise Plus license
  • (D)1 GbE uplink form FT logging network
4.Which two statements are Datastore Cluster requirements?(Choose two)
  • (A)Datastore clusters can only contain VMFS datastores
  • (B)Datastores shared across multiple data centers cannot be included in a datastore cluster
  • (C)NFS and VMFS datastores cannot cannot be combined in the same datastores cluster
  • (D)Datastores clusters must contain three or more datastores
5. A VM has the following configuration:
  • 2vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • HDD1 10 GB
  • HDD2 20 GB
A vSphere Administrator creates a snapshot of a powered off VM.
What is the maximum size of all of the snapshots that can be consumed on the datastores?
  • (A)30 GB
  • (B)100% of the databastore minus 512 bytes
  • (C)34 GB
  • (D)50% of the datastore
6.What are two states for compliance Status in VM Storage Policy?(Choose two)
  • (A)Compliant
  • (B)Orphaned
  • (C)Invalid
  • (D)Out of Date
7.What is the VMware recommended way to distribute storage I/O loads across multiple paths to
Minimize downtime and remove potential bottlenecks?
  • (A)Enable Storage I/O control
  • (B)configure multipathing
  • (C)configure multipathing
  • (D)Enable storage DRS and configure datastore clusters
8.Which three factors should an Administrator  take into account when determining the required
VDP appliance size and number of appliances?(Choose three)
  • (A)retention periods (daily,weekly,monthly,yearly)
  • (B)VMs guest OS family and version
  • (C)typical change rate
  • (D)Number and type (database, file system) of VMs
9.When managing search queries in vRealize Log Insight,what three actions can be performed? (choose three)
  • (A)Share the Current Query
  • (B)Load a query
  • (C)Take a Snapshot of a Query
  • (D)Pause the Current Query
  • (E)Duplicate a Query
10.Which two options can change the thin provisioned disk to thick provisioned ?(Choose two)
  • (A)Use vMotion to migrate the VM to another ESXi host without moving the disks
  • (B)Use Storage vMotion of the running VM to the same datastore and select Thick provision
  • (C)Power off the VM, locate the VMDK disk in the Datastore browser, right-click that and select inflate
  • (D)use storage vMotion of the running VM to another datastore and select Thick Provision